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Marco Malvaldi was born on the 27th January 1974 and has always lived in Pisa except for a brief period in the Netherlands.

He is a kind eclectic, who after graduating in chemistry, while studying contemporary conservatory, tried to become an opera singer. But he soon abandoned the opera and returnedto being a chemist. After a while he began to write. His stories come from finding simple models that are effectively able to represent a certain human situation. First he thinks about a game and then he tries to find a story that is sufficiently similar to the game in question.

In his first book the trump was a kind of metaphor for the plot of the crime: the teams in this game are formed depending on the cards that everyone has in his hand. The dealer plays with the person who holds a particular card, and against all others . Of the five players, only one knows how teams are formed , and must lie and do everything to avoid being discovered .On the other hand the others have to find him byfinding inconsistencies in his game . Just like in a police investigation : if everyone told the truth , you might ask if the suspects are guilty, but the crime would end up on page three .

His characters are a mixture of invented characters and real-life characters. The first novel he wrote was just for fun , in moments of calm, and it took about four years. The second was written in nine months in a period not exactly good for him. The first book is more humorous than the second one because it has a story a bit more intriguing. In addition to crime stories, he is also fond of poetry (Dante and Shakespeare above all, and among his contemporaries  Kavafis andGozzano ) and English humorists ( Wodehouse , Jerome , Adams ).

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